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Financial statements of Gorenje Group according to IFRS as adopted by the EU

Consolidated financial statements

Consolidated income statement

Consolidated Income Statement of the Gorenje Group  
in TEURNotes20092008
Revenue 131,185,9371,330,753
Changes in inventories -12,1196,318
Other operating income 1433,25426,341
Gross profit 1,207,0721,363,412
Cost of goods, materials and services 15-901,146-1,023,864
Employee benefits expense 16-219,323-226,487
Amortisation and depreciation expense 17-56,050-57,121
Other operating expenses 18-18,404-19,047
Results from operating activities 12,14936,893
Finance income 1919,51619,603
Finance expenses 19-40,973-41,023
Net finance expense 19-21,457-21,420
Profit or loss before income tax  -9,30815,473
Income tax expense 20-2,924-5,292
Profit or loss for the period  -12,23210,181
Attributable to minority interest -7281,309
Attributable to equity holders of the parent -11,5048,872
Basic and diluted earnings per share (in EUR) 32-0.830.66