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Shares of Gorenje and investor relations

Share price in 2009

The high level of uncertainty caused by the financial crisis and the recession reduced the prices of shares on international stock exchanges in 2008. The shares of household appliance manufacturers are among those that were most hard hit by the price drop.

In 2009 followed a strong rebound on developed markets, which for various reasons was not entirely followed by Slovenian shares. Consequently, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange index, SBI 20, rose only ten percent in 2009. Gorenje shares surpassed the index growth by eight percentage points, increased by 18.1 percent, and concluded the year at EUR 12.4.

Relative Price Movements of Gorenje Shares and the SBI 20 Index in 2009
Some Indicators of GRVG Shares 
SHARES OUTSTANDING (in millions)14.0314.0314.0312.2012.2012.20
NUMBER OF OWN SHARES (at period end)121,311121,3111,183,3421,183,342717,192251,042
NUMBER OF SHARES IN TRADING 13,908,68913,908,68912,846,65811,016,65811,482,80811,948,958
(at period end)
NUMBER OF SHAREHOLDERS21,62321,35919,77917,16818,07519,118
(at period end)
TURNOVER (in millions of EUR)13.7046.00123.3030.3021.1040.30
AVERAGE MARKET CAPITALISATION (in millions of EUR)154.20412.10473.30282.70295.70320.70
VALUE TURNOVER (turnover/average MC)
BOOK VALUE OF SHARE (in EUR) (Total equity/(No. of shares own shares))21.8722.4724.6018.9918.3418.69
PRICE in EUR (at period end)12.4110.5142.4226.6522.6327.00
MARKET TO BOOK VALUE OF SHARE0.570.471.721.401.231.45
DIVIDEND YIELD single price at year end-4.30 %1.00 %1.60 %1.80 %1.50 %
GROSS DIVIDEND (in EUR) -0.450.420.420.420.42
EARNING PER SHARE in EUR (Net profit of Gorenje/No. of shares own shares))-0.440.891.
P/E (single price at year end/earnings per share-11.8041.2024.6021.1028.50
Source: Ljubljana Stock Exchange, own calculations  
* Number of issued shares own shares.  
** Unconsolidated data is used in all calculations.  
Basic Information on GRVG Share
Quotation of sharesLjubljana Stock Exchange
Number of ordinary registered no par value shares14,030,000
Issued GRVG sharesAre of the same class and entitle their holders to proportional management, i.e. one vote per share.
Stock exchange listingGRVG
Own shares121,311 shares or 0.8647 %
Highest and lowest single price in 2009EUR 14.11 and EUR 7.90
Market capitalisation at end of 2009EUR 174.1 million
SymbolBloomberg GRVG:SV Reuters GORE.LJ
Source: Gorenje Group data