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Communication and marketing

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Owing to the declining demand for household appliances in European markets, the company reduced its marketing expenses by 41 percent. In 2009, these expenses accounted for 1.17 percent of the Group's sales revenue. Marketing activities were focused on the direct promotion of sales. More cost-effective promotional tools were also used to increase the reputation of our brand. The European Brand Institute based in Vienna has assessed that the Company's brand value increased by EUR 13 million to EUR 458 million in 2009. Gorenje thus continues to be the Slovenian brand name with the highest value.

In 2009 we completed the comprehensive reconstruction of our web pages, which are now accessible in 35 languages and are visited by 400 thousand users per month. This number is increasing rapidly, and the world-wide web continues to be one of the Company's most important communication channels.

Again this year, Gorenje gave an extremely resounding performance at the most important contemporary electronics and household appliances fair, IFA, in Berlin, where it presented its new products and collections.