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Innovations and products

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The crisis in our key markets additionally motivated us to present to customers in 2009 even more products and lines featuring a high degree of innovation both in technology and design.

We launched a new line, Gorenje Simplicity, featuring simple control of appliances with a single logical knob. The line was created as a response to modern lifestyle trends and the needs and wishes of today's consumers for a simpler and fuller life.

At the IFA fair in Berlin, the Company presented, for the first time, the Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid collection (link: Gorenje pop up products), remaining faithful to its strategy of cooperating with great names in design. Designer Karim Rashid describes the collection as a minimal fusion of functionality, interactivity and purity. Special attention should certainly be drawn to its innovative MoodLite technology, whose vertical LED light strip is the main distinguishing element of these superiorly designed appliances. Its many colour versions allow the user to freely adjust the ambience to one's lifestyle or simply to one's current mood or inspiration.

In our new Gorenje Retro collection, we upgraded the form of the past with the technology of the future, adding a touch of trendy boldness in an exciting array of new colours championed by fashion pundits. Contemporary consumers desire more individualism and daring, lively, playful and invigorating colours in their homes. The appliances in this collection are available in three styles: Chic, Vintage, and Funky.

We also began to sell Gorenje for iPod products, a unique combination of refrigerator and iPod touch music player. The goal of this new product is to bring the use of home appliances closer to contemporary consumers with the help of information technology, making them increasingly easier to use and more entertaining. The functionality of this high-tech fridge-freezer appliance is complemented by a wireless internet connection enabling one to search, browse, and play videos featuring advice, recipes and other contents.

Gorenje continued to introduce a new generation of patent-protected cooking appliances, such as the HomeMade oven and the DirecTouch function. New innovative solutions featuring lower energy consumption were continuously being incorporated in these products. A range of new products of the A++ energy class were introduced in the fridge-freezer line of appliances.

New products were developed in the Home Interior Division, uniting the knowledge and experience of all business segments within the division. Strong emphasis was also placed on research activities, cooperation with external institutions, and the unification of kitchen programmes.

The new kitchen models are based on recent furniture trends, feature stylish elements and trendy colours, and offer buyers a multitude of possibilities for adjusting forms.

The most important achievements in the development of home interior products were:

  • commencement of a unified kitchen furnishings project,
  • completed development of the Taja bedroom,
  • development of new designs of ceramic tiles,
  • development of new bathroom fittings and sinks,
  • development of living rooms and vestibules.

In 2010 the Company plans to completely renew its product line of kitchen furnishings.